Installing ChemPlugin

Windows logoYou can install ChemPlugin SDK under Windows 11 or 10. The vast majority of users should install the 64 bit, rather than the 32 bit version.

When you purchase the ChemPlugin SDK, you will receive a download link and activation code. Download the installer, double click on it, and follow the directions on your screen.

When prompted by the installer, paste in the activation code. Or, activate the software at any time by navigating to the installation directory (e.g., “\Program Files\ChemPlugin”), moving to the “License” subdirectory, and double-clicking on “activate.exe”.

You may elect when you install the software to have ChemPlugin check for updates automatically every few days. To check at any time, navigate to the installation directory and double-click on “CPIUpdateUtility.exe”.

You may as well download updates at any time from our update page.

If you are upgrading, ChemPlugin SDK installs on top of your existing installation. Do not uninstall the previous release.

Difficulties? Please refer to our troubleshooting guide.