Installing ChemPlugin

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Your ChemPlugin SDK license will be provided by download link and activation code. Download the installer, double-click on it, and follow the directions on your screen (step-by-step guide). Then activate your license. Trouble? Please check the list of resolutions to common issues.

  If you are upgrading, ChemPlugin SDK installs on top of your existing installation. Do not uninstall the previous release.

  Are you looking for a maintenance release? Update to the latest version at any time.

Installing Python

We support the full Windows installer from's download pages. Some Python installations (e.g. Microsoft Store versions or embeddable or ARM versions from may have security limitations that prevent them from working properly with The GWB. You should always install the 32-bit or 64-bit Python that matches your GWB installation.

System requirements

MS Windows

You can install ChemPlugin SDK under Windows 11 or 10. The vast majority of users should install the 64 bit, rather than the 32 bit version.

You should have a current model Intel x86-compatible processor, at least 16–64 GB of memory, and 300 MB of available disk space. The SDK is capable of multithreading, in which case it works best with eight or more computing cores.