No-cost updates to ChemPlugin

From this page you can download maintenance releases and other updates to ChemPlugin, and check what releases of the software are supported on your version of Windows.

ChemPlugin maintenance releases

You can install from the table below the latest maintenance release for your release of ChemPlugin.

ChemPlugin 12.0.4 (update ChemPlugin 12.0 through 12.0.3) 77 MB
Program updates: Corrected default behavior of temperature range settings for heat source feature; support for Windows 10 2018 Creators Update; trim installer memory footprints; fixes to ChemPlugin wrappers for Fortran, Java, and MatLab; documentation updates; address problem with installer failing under certain Windows installations; fixes for all known issues.
ChemPlugin 11.0.8 (update ChemPlugin 11.0 through 11.0.7) 94 MB
Program updates: Change pivot diagonalization method when picking up run; update floating license server to support new functionality in GWB12; correct obscure issues with multiword species and unit names; fix issue in which improperly constructed thermo dataset causes crash; fixed out of memory condition where writing large amounts of data to clipboard; fix problem with dangling output handles from deleted instances; resolve issues with extending runs and checking for updates; improve ChemPlugin's memory footprint; gracefully handle phase rule violations in buffered paths; allow unix-style line endings in thermo datasets; isolate ChemPlugin from Windows registry, so client alone defines default behavior; support for Python 3.0 clients; add command line arguments and environmental variables for setting thermo, surface, conductivity, and isotope datasets, and for the default dataset directory; kill a false positive in an inconsistency test for the gas transfer kinetics feature; improve convergence when dramatically re-scaling system extents; 64 bit version supports plot datasets larger than 2Gb; fix to a potential race condition when used in parallel applications; various improvements to installer; fix a bug when altering a simple reactant's reaction rate on the fly. Set Qrunning flag properly for when client is controlling fluid density.